YP L.E.A.D.S. brings together the millennials and Young Professionals who drive the Urban League Movement. Join them as they explore ways to empower communities, change lives, and better themselves in career and life. Expect insightful and engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and social events. Come to build new connections and strengthen old ones!

YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Financial Freedom: Building Your Personal Wealth

Wealth creation has always been the key to bridging the economic divide. Having financial know-how and strategies provides the means to do so. As we now embark on these more uncertain times, it seems the stage is set for a further diminishing of the middle class. This session seeks to explore the avenues for creating sustainable, generational wealth. We will discuss such topics as: understanding the financial jargon, what are the various types of financial instruments, knowing your retirement price tag, understanding how money really works, plus so much more.


YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Young Professionals as Advocates and Civic Leaders

This session brings together mission-focused and strategic political leaders and advocates to discuss how we can preserve and defend the principles of social justice, such as the expansion of fair housing, access to jobs, and increase quality education. Panelists will share stories based on their own experiences and offer insights on what is needed now at the community, state, and federal levels.

YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Advancing Democracy: Civic Engagement Beyond the Ballot Box

A real democratic society requires full and constant participation from its people. In addition to voting early and always, this session will explore how Young Professionals can get more involved and be civic leaders in their communities. From volunteering on community boards to running for office to holding elected official accountable, each one of us can develop our own civic engagement strategies.

YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Financial Freedom: Building Personal Wealth

Your financial success impacts you, your family, and your community. Economically speaking, a 2016 study has shown that it would take black families 228 years to amass the same amount of wealth as white families, if the average black family wealth continues to grow at the same pace it has over the past three decades. (Source: Forbes – How to Close America’s Wealth Gap by Holly Lawrence). Change that statistic for your future, by taking action today!

YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - "Discovering Your Intrapreneur"

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? Come learn about the key elements and principles to becoming a successful intrapreneur. The principles, on the surface, appear to be common sense and common place. However, application of these elements is the deeper art and difference in breakthrough performance. Not everybody will run their own business enterprise, but being principled is vital to your success, regardless of your line of work or where your passion lies.