YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Financial Freedom: Building Personal Wealth

July 27, 2017 - 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
The America's Center // Room 262


YP L.E.A.D.S. brings together the millennials and Young Professionals who drive the Urban League Movement. Join them as they explore ways to empower communities, change lives, and better themselves in career and life. Expect insightful and engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and social events. Come to build new connections and strengthen old ones!

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Your financial success impacts you, your family, and your community. Economically speaking, a 2016 study has shown that it would take black families 228 years to amass the same amount of wealth as white families, if the average black family wealth continues to grow at the same pace it has over the past three decades. (Source: Forbes – How to Close America’s Wealth Gap by Holly Lawrence). Change that statistic for your future, by taking action today! Prepare to receive tools, discuss any barriers, and empower yourself with the knowledge to achieve your financial potential.  This interactive discussion, led by Jerrell Saunders, Director of Internal Audit at Altria, and Jacquette Timmons, author of Financial Intimacy, will support your development of a financial plan that will help make you an integral part of a solution and not the statistic. 

Panelist: Jacquette Timmons, author of Financial Intimacy

Panelist: Jerrell Saunders, Director of Internal Audit at Altria