YP L.E.A.D.S. brings together the millennials and Young Professionals who drive the Urban League Movement. Join them as they explore ways to empower communities, change lives, and better themselves in career and life. Expect insightful and engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and social events. Come to build new connections and strengthen old ones!

YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Personal Branding vs Career Branding—Which one is for you?

Personal Brand vs Career Branding—Which one is for you? is a professional development workshop designed to address the career development challenges employees have when looking to advance their careers. In corporate, the phrase “Personal Branding” is batted around like a badge. Yet, no one really takes the time to explain what this phrase is or how important it is to help you with your career. Here’s the truth. Personal branding is a catch all phrase for making yourself valuable to your company so you keep your job. But…What if you wanted something more than a job?

YP L.E.A.D. Summit Workshop - Corporate Sense: Surviving the Corporate Transition for Millennials

Young professionals are challenged daily attempting to successfully transition into the corporate arena. In this workshop young professionals will learn what they didn't in college or grad school, "corporate sense" in order to secure and retain a job in their desired area and advance their careers. From tips on resume writing and interviewing to corporate positioning, negotiating office politics, and perception shaping, this session will ensure participants avoid common professional pitfalls and are prepared for career success.