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Skyra Thomas

Skyra Thomas (aka, “The Relocation Expert”) is the founder of Flip the Zip (FTZ), one of the fastest growing online communities, FTZ is a community of diverse women from all walks of life looking to take the leap and relocate to a new city and start a new life for themselves and their families.

Skyra was born in Brooklyn, raised in the Bay Area, and has also called Alabama, Maryland, and Massachusetts home. Her most recent flip was to Houston, Texas. For Skyra, each relocation revealed a need. So few resources exist that provide women the tools to have intentional and successful relocation experiences. She also saw that women resist relocating for fear of leaving their comfort zones. They choose complacency over opportunity. Such observations prompted the creation of Flip the Zip. The online community has grown exponentially, establishing FTZ chapters in multiple cities across the country including Houston, New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix, Raleigh, and the Washington D.C. metro area, among others

Skyra earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from Oakwood University, and her master’s in social work from Boston University.