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Shaun King
Columnist for The Intercept, Writer-In-Residence/Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project

Journalist, humanitarian, and activist Shaun King is amongst the most compelling contemporary voices for black lives and human rights. A magnetic element of the Black Lives Matter movement, King s become one of the most followed activists in the United States and uses his platform as a journalist to organize in purposeful and directed ways. His efforts to identify violent white supremacists who brutally attacked citizens in Charlottesville, Virginia, led to more arrests of neo-nazis than investigations by the FBI or State Police. 

In early 2019, King launched a new digital version of the abolitionist writer and speaker Frederick Douglass’ iconic journal, The North StarKing’s new iteration will feature content created by progressives seeking to agitate for justice in the spirit of Douglass and the movement he inspired.

King offers an articulate and historically grounded take on the most pressing problems of the day. He has now spoken in 35 states, on over 100 college campuses, in jails and prisons, and corporate boardrooms.  He has written 1,500 articles on injustice since 2014 and gives morning commentary on the legendary Tom Joyner Morning Show heard by 6 million listeners in over 100 cities.