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Rashib Thomas

Rahshib Thomas  
Leadership   Minister
RT Consulting

Rahshib   Thomas  is a Human   Resources Executive, Leadership  Minister, and author. Thomas   is   the Leadership   Minister   of   RT Consulting,  where  he  supports  his  clients  in  the areas   of   career, self-development,   business strategy    and    branding.    Thomas’s expertise derives from  years of contribution to high volume real estate and hospitality companies, specializing in      labor      relations,      employee      relations, performance   management,   and   organizational development.  

                                  Thomas   is  an  Ordained  Minister  and  is  studying and teaching A Course in Miracles. He also partners in coaching transformational self-development  workshops.  In  his  new  book Bout  That  Life:  Leadership  Lessons  for the Urban Professional,  Thomas shares laws, lessons, scriptures,  and  quotes  that  readers  can  use  in  their  real  lives  to  have  real results.  

Thomas   holds  a  degree  in  Mass  Communications  from  the  University  of  Louisiana  at Monroe  and  certification  as a  Certified  Human  Resources  Professional. 
Twitter: @Rahshib