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Mona Lisa Johnson
CEO/Sierra Communications

From humble beginnings, obtaining her GED, too presently, owning a Fortune 100 production and event marketing company, Sierra Communications, LLC. Monalisa Johnson has proven herself as an accomplished business woman and visionary. As a “double minority” starting an audio and video production company in the 90’s when women had no prominent place in production, Ms. Johnson advocates on many platforms for the inclusion of women in production, not just as “assistants” but in major roles such as: producers, directors, videographers, editors, etc.

Monalisa formed Sierra Communications in 1993, a full service audio/video production house, and a cutting edge relationship retention, and loyalty marketing consulting company. Sierra’s multimedia productions is dedicated to creating compelling, creative, informative and entertaining trans media programming for broadcast and corporate radio and television. Sierra Communications has successfully accomplished turning pixels in profit, by creating innovative advertising campaigns.