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Medina Islam

Best known for his role as “Quincy” on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” Newark, NJ rapper-turned-actor MEDINA has become one of Hollywood’s fresh new faces to look for. Known throughout the hip hop community as “The Six

Million Dollar Man,” MEDINA earned the social media moniker “6Milly” for his years as a ghostwriter and contributions to several of today's top platinum selling artists.

MEDINA’s work explores alternative energy sources in lower income communities and social media usage and its influence on today’s consumer culture. No stranger to struggle and adversity, when MEDINA was a child his schizophrenic mother was committed for kidnapping him and attempting to sell his brother. By the time MEDINA was 10, his mother abandoned him and his siblings and he never saw or heard from her again.

MEDINA’s challenges continued as he spiraled into a life filled with drugs and violence which lead to the murder of his best friend. After becoming homeless, MEDINA moved to Atlanta where he was accepted into Morris Brown College. Acting and music have been an outlet for MEDINA to tell his story and inspire others to overcome their personal struggles. When asked about his triumphant rise to success he simply says, “Sometimes you don’t have to win to WIN!