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K. Mikel Williams
Creator, Executive Producer, & Host /Black Politics Today

Kelly Mikel Williams is the President of Black Politics Today magazine, the only political news magazine focused solely on the social, economic, and political impact on the African-American community. Mikel established Black Politics Today with the goal of providing African-Americans with a resource to reflect on the impact of public policy on their daily lives.  Having never had a political news publication, Mikel believes its imperative that we tell our own stories, which lead him to also host his own Black Politics Today podcast.

In this game of politics, Mikel has realized that our fight for equity and our struggle for equality in the twenty-first century are no different then it was 50 years ago with our March on Washington. With that in mind, he co-founded #WEVOTE, a get out the vote campaign aimed at ensuring African-American voters understand that ‘We Have A Lot to Lose’ with another four years under this administration. The #WEVOTE campaign will galvanize the #BlackVote to formulate policies that benefit the Black community, which will signal, that the next march 50 years from now, will be because…  #WEVOTED!!!