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Kwaku Amuti
Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Owner/One13 Design LLC

Kwaku Amuti is a highly sought-after creative director and self-taught design veteran. He has an insatiable love for design. His talents have allowed him to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, including The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Tony Robbins, Sony Music, Usher Raymond, Nike, NASCAR, and Polo Ralph Lauren, to name a few. He has worked in all aspects of design and in 2011, launched his own successful boutique design firm, One13 Design LLC.

Amuti’s work has been seen around the globe and he has often been credited with creating an enormous ROI for his clients. He’s had the opportunity to provide key leadership for multiple corporate design teams, establishing the strong creative direction necessary to produce outstanding brand results.

Amuti is an avid entrepreneur, often lending creative leadership and strategy to start-up ventures and starting his own micro-ventures.

A strong advocate of “authentic manhood,” Amuti is also the founder of PRVRB, an online community created to build strong men. PRVRB provides instruction on anything that a man should know as well as telling the stories of outstanding men, in an effort to grow a strong community centered on authentic manhood.

Twitter: @kwakuamuti