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Kristopher Francisco
Cheif Executive Officer/Evolute

Kristopher Francisco is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Evolute, a new Silicon Valley startup focused on cloud computing, big data and storage architectures.  

Widely recognized in technology circles as a pioneer, Kristopher is known in the container community for his contributions of docker-stats, leading internet-scale containerization structures, as well as the development of cross-platform cloud innovations.

Only 3 years old, Evolute boasts a valuation close to 8 figures with 5 employees, is already doing business with large corporations like Chevron, and is currently positioned to rapidly and effectively deploy new technology to completely change how the tech industry approaches cross-platform cloud functions.

Kristopher brings a wealth of expertise to his new venture having previously led a team of 200 software engineers at Apple as the company's first cross platform architect.  He is a mover and a shaker who has captured the attention of top angel investors and Fortune 100 companies who believe Kristopher and his company are on the cusp of being the next big thing.

He largely credits the lessons he learned in martial arts during his formative years for his success noting those values have permeated every aspect of his life and have shaped his approach to business.  "In martial arts, every detail matters, even your finger placement."

And, indeed, details matter to Kristopher, who lives by the French saying, "La Dieu est dan les details" -- God is in the details.  Unlike many tech visionaries in Silicon Valley, Kristopher believes the most important aspect of Evolute is not its technical capabilities, but its ability to help others actualize their dreams. 

He views Evolute as a 'ministry of sorts' with a mission of bringing new technology to scale to have the greatest impact for the good of society.  According to Kristopher, "Evolute is simply a vehicle to impact a larger audience. ... My goal is to change people; technology is simply the means."

These principles are also reflected in Kristopher's leadership style in that he believes in galvanizing team members and inspiring others by asking a critical question, "What is it that is keeping this person from being his/her best?"  His quest to answer this question is manifested in his passion for mentorship of young leaders.

Kristopher graduated from Louisiana State University's school of Information Systems and Decision Sciences and studied Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

A New Orleans native, Kristopher attended Edna Karr High School and the New Orleans Center for Science and Math where his foundation in technology innovation began. 

At 32 years old, Kristopher brings a refreshing perspective to his status as an African American male in the technology industry -- he sees it as an advantage that can open doors which may have been traditionally closed.

Kristopher is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, and he and his wife of three years live in Northern California.


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