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Ericka Pittman

Ericka Pittman
Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer of AQUAhydrate, Ericka Pittman spearheads and oversees the company’s marketing and sales functions. She brings more than 20 years of marketing experience to the organization, having produced successful strategic brand building campaigns for some of the country’s largest media and consumer brands.

Prior to joining AQUAhydrate, Ericka was the Vice President of the Chairman¹s Office at Combs Enterprises, where she was responsible for developing and streamlining business process and

communication across all executive divisions. She was appointed by Sean Combs to lead the company’s Los Angeles office and served as an ambassador to business partners and the community on behalf of the Chairman and other company leadership.

Ericka joined Combs Enterprises in 2009 as Vice President of Brand Strategy at The Blue Flame Agency, overseeing brand strategy for all agency campaigns. She served as Vice President of Blue Flame, and Vice President of New Business for Combs Wine & Spirits. Ericka had previously spent 15 years working in interactive and publishing media, holding positions at; Honey, Heart & Soul, and Savoy Magazine; Baby Talk Magazine; Glamour Magazine; Vibe & Vixen Magazines; and GIANT Magazine.

Ericka holds a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications from Baruch College. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she now resides in Los Angeles, CA.