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Dr. Allison Scott
Chief Research Officer/Kapor Center for Social Impact

As the Kapor Center’s chief research officer, Allison Scott leads a research team that aims to enhance diversity in tech by (a) conducting landscape studies on interventions within educational settings and the workplace, and (b) disseminating research-based strategies and practices across the tech ecosystem.

Before joining the Kapor Center, Dr. Scott led the National Institute of Health’s workforce diversity program, a set of experimental initiatives that examined and implemented training, mentoring and other interventions aimed at increasing diversity in biomedical research. She also served as the director of research and evaluation at the Level Playing Field Institute (LPFI) and was the principal investigator for an NSF CE21 grant to improve computer science access and success for underrepresented students in California. In two years, the project has produced significant increases in the numbers of students of color and girls completing computer science courses, taking the related AP exam, and intending to pursue a college degree in the field.

Dr. Scott holds a doctorate in education with a specialization school psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hampton University.