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Anna Cuevas
Author, Consumer Advocate

With 30-plus years in real estate and mortgage banking, Anna Cuevas has mastered the credit, real estate, and mortgage process. Her vast experience has helped countless homeowners save their homes from foreclosure.

Replacing fear with hope, Cuevas has become America's Consumer Advocate, paving the way to self-advocacy for millions of consumers.

Noting that consumers are exposed to an overwhelming amount of misguided information, Cuevas’s empowerment crusade has gone viral through her wildly popular blog, Ask a Loan Mod Guru; her appointment as the National Urban League's Consumer Advocate; as an invited Huffington Post blogger; and repeat CNN Heroes nominations by her loyal, raving fans. Cuevas's message has reached #1 bestselling status with her books, Save Your Home Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money, Fight for Your Dreams, co-authored with Les Brown, and her latest book, The Credit Fix Workbook!

Cuevas’s passion to help consumers is fueled by her desire to share the power of self-advocacy. Her slogan, “Expect only miracles and question authority,” has become a mantra for thousands from coast to coast. Caped and soaring high, Cuevas is fulfilling her mission to transform consumers into proud self-advocates by empowering them with the knowledge and strength to become their own superhero.

Twitter: @annacuevas