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Angela Hadl
CEO/BB Bombs/Dive Mktg LLC

Angela Hadl, age 37, is the owner of Dive Mktg LLC and BB Bombs. Making a spur of the moment move to NYC from Memphis, TN with a one-way ticket and $26 to her name ended up becoming the best move she could possibly make to achieve the level of success that she has!

She has been in the marketing industry for over 13 years with positions ranging from the Marketing Assistant to Director of Marketing and now Owner. As the owner of Dive Mktg LLC she works with primarily lifestyle and food businesses from all over the world. Every single client has become addicted to her passion, drive and results. In her spare time, she provides pro bono marketing support to small women owned businesses in the NYC tri-state area.

In 2017, she began her journey into the cosmetic industry. What was at first a creative outlet quickly became a viable business. BB Bombs creates luxury bath bombs and body products that are fun and smell amazing! You will find her products in melanin themed and empowerment themed subscription boxes as well as some well noted online beauty supply stores.

Angela Hadl is married to Tomas Hadl and has four beautiful children ranging from age 11 to 2. She also enjoys running marathons, cooking, and living the best life she possibly can!






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August 02, 2018 - 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM All Things Start Up