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Kimberly Reed M.Ed., CDP
The Corporatepreneur™ Chief Transformational Officer /Reed Development Group

The Corporatepreneur™ Chief Transformational Officer of the Reed Development Group (RDG), LLC has developed a distinguished reputation as having one of the most distinct and powerful voices on the lecture circuit transforming the thinking of thousands. Her infectious energy, lioness tone and inspiring sincerity engages audiences on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion and talent innovation, organizational leadership, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership, personal and professional development, transformative thinking and resiliency - living without limits.

Kimberly is a regular speaker and lecturer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania’s LEAD Program, National Leadership Consortium, Temple University, KPMG and Howard University’s Leadership Programs and a top rated speaker at leading national professional organization’s conferences.

Kimberly also provides leadership in guiding some of the world’s most influential companies’ global Diversity and Inclusion strategies to bring together diverse synergies, strengths, backgrounds and perspectives to achieve their strategic business imperatives, advance its talent performance, recruitment goals and drive innovation. Kimberly partners with companies to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion is in the DNA of the business and expands the pathways for inspired diverse leaders and unify diverse workforces to be innovators, for greater career trajectory and company growth.

Throughout Kimberly’s twenty-year career she has helped global companies grow, develop and engage diverse workforces to support their business and revenue strategies. During her tenure at a global professional services firm, Kimberly led the largest business unit in increasing diversity recruitment over 46% in the technology industry by infusing innovative talent strategies that extended across the enterprise and into the overall organization’s business and revenue models.