The NUL Experience Expo Hall is a Conference favorite for all ages! Attended by thousands every year, it is constantly buzzing with a wide range of exhibitors, booths, dynamic talks, and celebrity seminars. Win prizes; hear life-changing tips and advice; get important health and wellness screenings; and so much more. Don’t forget to bring the kids for back-to-school events and activities at the second annual Community Day!

Be Empowered: Know Your Legal Rights

Come learn your rights at this important seminar confronting the school to prison pipeline that is becoming all too common in communities of color. Legal experts and community activists will share when and how students can and cannot be disciplined, suspended, or arrested and the best ways to interact and engage with law enforcement officers and how to protect their legal and human rights within the education system. 


Empowerment Stage: Silence the Shame: A Look at Mental Health in the Black Community

The Silence the Shame panel will examine mental health stigma in the African American community as well as the toll it takes on our families and loved ones.  Come hear strategies and tools to erase the shame and address this growing epidemic.

Chanita Foster
Shanti Das
Nicci Gilbert
Dr. Khaalida Forbes

Empowerment Stage: SLAY 4 Life

St Louis, come out and get healthy with the SLAY 4 Life workout. Join Celebrity Trainer Robert Brace and TV Host Kéla Walker for an inspirational fitness and mind-body session. 

More than just a workout, this session complete with personal testimonials and fitness inspiration, will encourage you to SLAY and stay healthy, inside and out - 4 Life!

Jovian Irvin Zayne
Angelique Miles
Robert Brace
Kéla Walker

Empowerment Stage: Native Son: Our Voice. Our Story. Our Power: The Year of Black Gay Men

Native Son is a platform that celebrates the excellence and brilliance of Black gay men who live authentic lives, uplift their communities, and thrive in their professions.   This panel will discuss presence of Black Gay Men in popular culture, social justice, and intersectionality in today’s political climate.

Darnell L. Moore
Myles Johnson
Michael Arceneaux:
Emil Wilbekin


Empowerment Stage: #Blacklove

#BlackLove is the ideal of unity and togetherness so many strive for.   It is a strong bond shared between two people attempting to reach a goal together.  How do we get it and how do we keep it? This panel will discuss love, dating, marriage, and everything in between.

Yanni Brown
Sybil Amuti
Kwaku Amuti
Charreah Jackson

Empowerment Stage: Ladies That Lead: "How to Become a Fearless Business Woman"

Ladies That Lead will bring together influential women of color and inspire you as they share their strategies and personal journeys to success. Come hear from these women who are leaders not only in their industry, but in their community and learn how they set a standard for what success looks like by owning their power.

Amber Noble Garland
Lakara Foster
Nicole Thomas
Tamika Mallory
Cameka Smith


Empowerment Stage: Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Talent alone is not enough. Come hear from industry leaders and legends on what it takes to break into and succeed in media and entertainment. Learn strategies on how to build your brand and leverage industry relationships and pick up the tools to launch and sustain a successful career in the entertainment business.

Dana Dane
Vivian Scott Chew
Nicci Gilbert


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