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Technology is the axis on which the 21st Century economy turns, and America’s urban centers are where that technology emerges and evolves. Economic empowerment relies on access to high-tech tools and the capacity to make the most of them. The National Urban League Conference, “Save Our Cities: Powering the Digital Revolution,” explores the role of cutting-edge technology in every aspect of today’s social and economic landscape, and brings together leading digital innovators in business and industry, government, community and the arts to confront the nation’s challenges and chart a path to success.

What to expect : 

  • A four-day, power-packed experience | Engaging plenary discussions, informative panels, access to notable speakers, star-studded performances and much, much more.
  • The revolution will be digitzed | A wide variety of topics that explore the socio-economic impact of the digital frontier on communities of color as well as online activism.
  • Luncheons + dinners | An array of exciting gatherings and imaginative settings that spark conversation.
  • Masterclasses + sessions | Enterprising workshops, networking events and roundtables.
  • Leisure activities | Parties, concerts, digital suites and immersive experiences.