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Marissa Jennings

Marissa  Jennings  is  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  SOCIALgrlz,  LLC, the first  mobile,  web  publishing  company  for  African  American  girls. She  has extensive  experience  working  at national  organizations  that  strive  to improve the lives of girls, including Girls Inc., Girl Scouts of America, and the BET  Foundation. These   organizations   and   companies   enhanced her knowledge  and  ability  to  understand  the  needs  of  girls  through  programs and  policy.

In  her  various  positions,  Jennings  organized  youth  camps and coordinated initiatives  to  educate  girls  on  healthy lifestyles. She also developed  business  acumen  in  the  private  and public  sector  as  a  project  manager  and  public  affairs  specialist,  where  she handled  federal  government  relations,  national  media  campaigns,  and community   outreach   projects. Jennings also served  as  the  publicist  for  the  book  Go,  Tell  Michelle:  African American   Women   Write   to  The   New   First   Lady.

Jennings  was recognized as  a  2015  White  House Champion   of   Change for her  business  and leadership  skills  at  SOCIALgrlz. SOCIALgrlz has been featured in Black Enterprise, Tech  Cocktail,  and  National  Public  Radio.

As  a  result  of  her  experiences, Jennings  has  become  even  more committed to  improving  and empowering African-American   girls   through   technology , especially  those  living in poor and urban  communities. 

Twitter: @mjrissa