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Alton Pitre
Columnist, Youth Advocate

Alton  Pitre  was  raised  by  his  loving  grandmother  in The  Jungles,  a  neighborhood  located  in South  Central,  Los  Angeles. As  a  youth, he became  affiliated  in  a  local  gang,  which  led  to  his  arrest  for  a  robbery  he  did  not  commit, just two  months  before graduating from high  school.  On  his  last  juvenile court date, two years later, Pitre declined a plea bargain of a year and a strike and was sent to adult court, where he faced a possible 46 years to life sentence. He was later exonerated in adult court.

Since  his  release  in 2010 ,  the  Jungle  native  has  dedicated  his  life to becoming an   advocate   for   youth   across   the   nation.   Currently,   Pitre is   a columnist for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, serves on the Member Board for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, and is studying sociology at  Morehouse College.

Twitter: @TheJayAlligator