Innovating with Inclusion: Advocating for Diversity & Why It Matters

July 28, 2017 - 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
The America's Center // Expo Hall // TechConnect Stage


Now in its third year, TechConnect has become a premier destination for innovators of color! It gathers creative thinkers, developers, designers, and many others for a much-needed spotlight on diversity in tech. Attendees will hear from tech creators and visionaries and come up with technology based solutions to societal problems at the Hackathon for Social Justice.

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Innovating with Inclusion: Advocating for Diversity & Why It Matters

Presented by Express Scripts and Curated by Walker's Legacy 

Inclusion is essential to innovation.  Yet minorities continue to be underrepresented in the fastest growing, highest paying industry of tech.  Our panelists discuss how they are striving to change the status quo and the impact that inclusive environments have on the tech ecosystem.

Panelists: Dr. Lance McCarthy (Ferguson 1000) and Felix Flores (Yes We Code) Anthony Frasier (Newark Venture Partners)

Moderator: Rachel Hampton (Walker’s Legacy)

Location: NUL Experience Expo Hall TechConnect Stage