Urban Innovations Forum - #CommunitiesMatter

August 02, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
The Greater Columbus Convention Center // C160

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Urban League Presidents and CEOs Making a Difference Beyond the Boardroom

Facilitator: Esther L. Bush, President & CEO, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh

Sponsor Remarks: Charmaine Brown, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Fannie Mae

Stephanie Hightower, President & CEO, Columbus Urban League
Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D., President & CEO, Urban League of Broward County
Judson Robinson, III, President & CEO, Houston Area Urban League
Porter G. Peeples, President & CEO, Urban League of Lexington-Lafayette County

Sponsor: Fannie Mae

The true essence of a CEO’s work is often reflected outside of the boardroom. Some of the most remarkable leaders possess skills that allow them to be catalysts for change in their communities as well as their businesses. This session will recognize those such leaders with a series of short talks highlighting their innovative work being done in their affiliates and communities. Listen to these Urban League CEOs share how they have used their platforms to launch successful initiatives that have brought about notable advancements to underprivileged urban areas.