A Voice for the Culture

Angela Rye
Tue 22 May 2018

A Voice for the Culture

Her iconic clapbacks and sound bites not only make for great memes, but manage to capture many people’s sentiments on a wide range of topics. Angela Rye has become a refreshing, and critically relevant, important voice for the people.

With impeccable wit, intellect and compassion she sheds light on systemic issues that oppress communities of color and uses her influence to enact change. Rising to prominence as a frequent political commentator, Rye has often appeared on TV news networks and other media outlets. As a voice for the Culture, Rye speaks up and out against racial bigotry.

In addition to using her political and legal expertise to break down news and current events, she inspires us to “work woke.” An expression that goes a step beyond staying woke in a singular sense, and transcends thought exercise. To work woke means to translate the awareness and acknowledge one has acquired into meaningful action that creates real change in our society.

We’re excited that Angela Rye will join us at Conference in a few short months.

Reserve your spot and come hear her drop gems in real time.