Hack into Diversity 

Mon 11 Jun 2018

Hack into Diversity 

By Genet Lakew

As our 2018 State of Black America shows, Silicon Valley has a serious diversity issue. 

Out of a combined total of 41,000 employees at Google, Facebook, and Twitter, only 758 (1.8%) were Black. This number is not only alarming but must change to reflect America’s changing demographic.

We’re addressing the problem and offering solutions through TechConnect, a 2-day gathering of the most innovative, passionate tech professionals of color taking the field by storm. We’re also proud to bring back the Hackathon for Social Justice, which gives techies of all backgrounds and skills levels a chance at cracking society’s most pressing challenges through technology. 

Digital entrepreneurs and creators will share invaluable insight on how they launched million dollar businesses, successfully navigated a homogenous terrain, and leap frogged into new territories without a clear roadmap. 

TechConnect has grown and evolved since it first launched in 2014. New this year is the Podcast Village, the Sports & Gaming Lounge, the Live, Love, Learn Lounge, and so much more. 

We’re knee deep in the digital revolution. Join us.