A Career You Love 

Mon 11 Jun 2018

A Career You Love 

By Genet Lakew

Have you ever been the only one at your job? The only Black person, the only woman, the only Latino, Asian, etc. 

Working at a company with very little diversity can be a difficult experience and while venting about it at brunch with friends can offer temporary relief, you’ll need to equip yourself with expert tips and guidance to thrive in that environment. 

Our upcoming two-day Career & Networking Fair is designed to help, filled with workshops and conversations, resume critique, free professional headshots, networking, and so much more. You’ll also have opportunities to meet recruiters from the nation’s top companies and possibly wow them enough to land your next career move. 

Professionals of color have the added pressure to conform to social and stylistic norms that might vary from their own, which is why we host frank dialogues about natural hair, tattoos, and other concerns that cause daily stress. In addition to soaking up advice and inspiring testimonies, enjoy networking with a wide range of professionals and connect with peers who could turn into lifelong friends. 

You deserve a career you love. Take the first step by registering today.