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YP: Influential Leaders Chart their Own Career Paths: Essential Soft Skills

Talent, skill set and ability may get you in the door, but soft skills will allow you to be successful for continued employment. Individuals' interpersonal skills can make or break them at work or in their business. Learn the basics of presenting ideas, listening, working within teams and on how to navigate up your career ladder without sacrificing your self-worth, skill sets, or money.


  • Kimberlyn Butler


How to Project Leadership in Your Wardrobe (Workshop 3)

You speak volumes without saying a word so what do your clothes say about you as a leader? Are you a powerful, creative, detailed, bold, smart or over-the-top leader? More importantly, do your style choices convey that, or send a different message all together?  No matter your leadership style - make an immediate impact - with a wardrobe that reflects who you are and what you do. Always, Be Your Own Brand!

Opening Remarks:


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