Career & Networking Fair

Career Fair: The 5 Reasons You Did Not Get the Job

Gradated, interned, volunteered and you still need five years’ experience? You’re young, gifted and unemployed. Get tips on how to overcome hurdles during your job hunt. Learn how to sell yourself as a qualified candidate.  

Featured Speakers:

Jodi Brockington (Moderator), Consultant

-Wendy JohnsonDirector of Business Services,Business Services for Columbia Univeristy

-Representatives from NAAHR



Career Fair: Career Coaching – Your Secret to Success followed by Coaching Corner

Sometimes, there are only so many self-help books to buy, career inquires to Google and articles to read – as helpful as they are – you still need an outside voice. Our panel will give you the Career Coach support you have been looking for to help you find a job, transition industries, start a business, perform better at work and ultimately achieve career success.

Featured Speakers:

-Mary V. Davids (Moderator), Principal Consultant, D&M Consulting Services, LLC


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