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Mary-Pat Hector
Author, Community Advocate

Mary-Pat Hector’s motto is, "Don't wait to be great; you can change the world now." She knows what it means to turn heartache into hope. Only 11 when her best friend was killed, Hector soon saw how she could use the tragedy to empower her peers to advocate for youth issues.  An engaging communicator, she is making a significant impact in the lives of her generation. She has delivered over 319 presentations to more than 50,000 students in 42 different states. She can capture an audience with honesty and humor, yet challenge them to think and apply action to their lives.

Hector is also an acclaimed writer. Her 2012, “Thinking Out Loud,” is a compelling account of a teen activist and her attempts to get involved in community politics. The story documents the battles waged to form youth movements and create social change in schools and neighborhoods. Hector examines how young activists navigate schools communities, families, community organizations, and the mainstream media, and employ a variety of strategies to make their voices heard on some of today's most pressing issues -- youth violence, education, the environmental, parents, adult accountability.