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Marc Morial
President and CEO/National Urban League

As President of the National Urban League since 2003, Marc Morial has been the primary catalyst for an era of change – a transformation for the 100 plus year old civil rights organization. His energetic and skilled leadership has expanded the League’s work around an empowerment agenda, which is redefining civil rights in the 21st century with a renewed emphasis on closing the economic gaps between Whites and Blacks as well as rich and poor Americans.

Under his stewardship, the National Urban League has had record fundraising success towards a $250 million, five-year fundraising goal. He has also secured the Better Business Bureau nonprofit certification, which has established the National Urban League as a leading national nonprofit organization.

Morial’s creativity has led to initiatives such as the Urban Youth Empowerment Program, which assists young adults in securing sustainable jobs, and Entrepreneurship Centers in five cities to help the growth of small businesses. Morial also created the National Urban League Empowerment Fund, which has pumped almost $200 million into urban impact businesses, including minority business through debt and equity investments.

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