Expo Hall

Expo Hall: Know your Rights

Free legal advice is hard to come by. At a time when police-citizen interactions have become increasingly tense, it is crucial for citizens to know their full rights. Volunteer lawyers from various reputable institutions will provide legal guidance and information regarding interaction with law enforcement officials, voting rights, and expungement. Representatives will delve into Maryland’s new felony voting rights law and offer interactive education on how to successfully handle police encounters. Know your rights!

Expo Hall: Do Black Lives Matter to Black People

This session will examine the Black Lives Matter movement, born out of Michael Brown’s police-related death in August 2014. What is the current state of race relations in the U.S.? Panelists will also discuss ongoing challenges within our communities, including violence, crime, and other self-destructive behaviors. In Michael Eric Dyson’s words, it is possible to walk and chew gum at once – that is, talk about both police brutality AND internal struggles that keep our communities in a state of crisis.

Expo Hall: Health and Fitness

The biggest challenge for most people is finding a balance between health and fitness, especially when life gets busy. This session, led by experts and guides, will offer advice on achieving and maintaining this balance. A healthy lifestyle is possible – with dedication and consistency. Learn simple, everyday tips to get on the right path to overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. And most importantly, learn how to persevere through the distractions and demands of life and work to tend to your wellbeing.

Expo Hall: Lemonade: Life Gives you Lemons

The concept of turning lemons into lemonade existed long before Beyonce’s most recent album. It is indeed an age-old and common saying but what does that actually look like for you? A panel of empowering individuals will offer insight on their definition and approach to turning lemons into lemonade. Get lessons on reinventing your personal brand and dealing with rapidly changing environments, in both work and life. Adaptability and an open mind are key!



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